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Put on a happy face.Oct. 02, 2019Canada122 Min.R
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The Narrative takes place in Gotham City, 1981 Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) Functions as a clown-for-hire to Get a company called Ha-Ha’s. He fights with depression that is acute personally but uncovers some kind of confidence in doing for others and attempting to make folks laugh. He’s tasked by advertising a shop by dancing and waving a hint around. On one particular occasion, the signal becomes snatched by a set of punk teenagers, forcing Arthur to chase them into an alley. They smash the signal against his face and move to kick him while he is down. Within this era, Gotham is fighting with unemployment, crime, and poverty. Arthur visits a social worker because of his medication, as well as his continuing mental health problems. He makes ridiculous faces that amuse the boy, but his mom tells Arthur to leave him alone. Arthur starts to laugh hysterically and uncontrollably. After the mom questions himhe hands her a card that explains that he has a mental illness that causes him to laugh exactly the way that he does. Arthur imagines himself on the series and receiving Murray’s attention. Murray relates to Arthur and invites him upon stage facing everyone in the place where they share a familial embrace. It’s revealed that Penny used to work for Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) and is obsessed with all the millionaire and has been now writing to him to try and enhance their living situation. At Ha-Ha’s, Arthur has been given a gun for defense by his own co-worker Randall (Glenn Fleschler) after he hears about the mugging incident. Arthur is equally reluctant and alleviated to get such a present as firearms are outlawed at work, but soon finds his confidence construction after getting the weapon. But soon after that, he’s confronted with his cold and unfeeling supervisor who reprimands him losing the signal and takes the price of it from his pay. Arthur reacts by grinning. She speaks to him about relating issues that he can relate to. While attempting to make an impression he appears awkward and odd around her. At one stage, he also spends his day after her. Later, she’s with his apartment and asks when he was after her, and he admits that he was, but she does not seem put it off. He invites her into a stand-up comedy series that he’s currently acting at. She’s hesitant but has been won over by his charm and sense of humor. Arthur watches comedians work to help him gain a little insight to the craft, but feels somewhat awkward and out of place as his over-the-top laughter isn’t genuine. Arthur goes to the comedy bar because of his performance. His nervousness absorbs him and as a working mechanism, unintentionally finds himself laughing so hard that he can barely speak. He starts going off to his routine, which is funny. Sophie appears to be from the audience… that the one person who’s laughing at Arthur’s jokes. This gives him the comfort he wants to keep to joke regardless of his misery and turmoil. He also brought his gun with himand it falls out to the ground. Arthur’s boss later chews him out. Arthur pleads for a second chance but his boss fails and fires him. To top things off, Randall yells Arthur below the bus by claiming that Arthur obtained himself. About the subway train ride home in Ha-Ha’s in complete clown getup, Arthur places three drunk young Wall Street types working for Wayne Enterprises harassing a woman. Arthur starts laughing unintentionally and draws the attention of these guys, although the woman sensibly flees from that car. The guys approach Arthur and mock him and his laughter till they start to beat him. Arthur struggles back in self defense but they team up and constant beat him. Having had enough, Arthur subsequently pulls his gun out and shoots among these dead in self defense prior to after the last man from this train and murdering him on the stairs. After a minute of frantic contemplation, he discovers a force and he starts to dance . He hides the gun and then returns into the apartment in which he meets and kisses Sophie for the first time. The news of this 3 murders spreads, with some viewing it as an attack on the wealthy, while some encourage the act. Thomas Wayne speaks out and condemns it, labeling the reduced class as””clowns”” that becomes a sign they readily embrace. The following day, Arthur cleanse his locker at Ha Ha’s although not before facing Randall about betraying him and breaking up the time punching machine. He leavesfeeling high-spirited and free. News reports reveal clown rioters protesting through town and wreaking trouble, condemning the privileged. Arthur sees that he has inadvertently caused this and starts to find out his true potential that makes him truly thrilled. After doing a magic trick for Bruce, he sticks his hands through the gate and compels Bruce to grin, realizing deep inside that they may or may not be brothers. But, Alfred (Douglas Hodge) comes to intervene and inform Arthur to leave. Arthur cites his mommy and her participation with Thomas, however, Alfred says that he recalls Penny and that she was lying . Arthur finds out Thomas at a public art theater occasion and attempts to face him with the potential of him being his father. Arthur cites Penny, whom Thomas also recalls. He says that she was delusional and that there is no way Arthur could be his son. Thomas also explains that Penny never informed Arthur that he was adopted, which Arthur strongly rejects before uncontrollably laughing at Thomas’s face. Thomas, unaware of Arthur’s condition, becomes defensive and yells Arthur from the face prior to having the man is thrown from the construction. Arthur returns home where he tortures himself with the refrigerator in a sense of melancholy and yearning. Two police detectives, Burke (Shea Wigham) and Garrity (Bill Camp), visit Arthur’s apartment to question him about the subway murders on account of this word that the defendant was wearing clown make-up, and they understand Arthur lost his job earlier that day. Arthur denies any participation and has got the detectives to leave. Sophie stays by Arthur as he proceeds to his mommy. At the hospital, Arthur sees that Murray’s series is playing a chunk out of his stand-up regular, but he’s hurt to find that Murray simply played with it to mock Arthur. After analyzing different interviews about the comedy series, Arthur decides to commit suicide before the live audience, believing it’s going to make them laugh. Hunting hard evidence, Arthur belongs to Arkham Asylum and speaks to a clerk, Carl (Brian Tyree Henry), who has a record on Penny. When Carl says that he can’t give Arthur the information that he wants, Arthur snatches the document and runs away to read it. After away, Arthur opens the files and reads themfinding that Thomas was telling the truth- according to the files. One part of this document cites Arthur having a head injury, which is likely what caused his laughing illness. Arthur returns to the hospital and tells Penny that he believed his life was a tragedy, however, he sees it is a””fucking humor””. With that, he smothers Penny into death. Arthur extends back house and breaks into Sophie’s apartment. By these means, it’s revealed that every second featuring Sophie was only in Arthur’s head. A busted and frustrated Arthur leaves Sophie alone, storming from the apartment. Arthur starts to get ready for his appearance Murray’s series and paints his face whitened. They offer condolences after they hear about Penny’s death, but Randall starts mentioning Burke and Garrity going for their own apartments to question them about the subway murders. Arthur realizes that Randall is just trying a way to utilize Arthur so as to pay his own buttocks and then snaps, brutally stabbing Randall double in the face before smashing his head against the wall. A terrified Gary queries Arthur’s deeds and begs to be let go. Arthur agrees to playfully scaring him as a prank. Gary attempts to reverse the lock Arthur’s doorway but is unable to because of his height. He asks Arthur to open up the door for him which Arthur immediately agrees, pausing after to thank Gary to be the only person in his life who was fine to him. Arthur yells Gary about the forehead and lets him move. Arthur subsequently dyes his hair , puts on complete clown make-up, and dons a burgundy suit. Burke and Garrity locate Arthur dancing at the road and move in to arrest him. Arthur runs, and they chase him to the subway train in which heaps of Gotham taxpayers are dressed after being inspired by the murders. Arthur hides his face with a clown mask that he steals out of a protester and inadvertently starts a brawl from the train cars. As the detectives chase Arthur, one clown gets into the way, and Burke accidentally shoots him dead once they fight with his gun. The clowns pull on the detectives from the subway and start beating them allowing Arthur to get away, moving throughout the police forces that swarm the area. Before he moves , Arthur asks Murray to present him as””The Joker””, because Murray called him as such when playing with his clip. Murray asks Arthur if his clown makeup has political agendas behind it to that Arthur answers,””I do not think in that. I really don’t believe in anything”” While waiting to be released, Arthur sees Murray broadcasting a chunk of a fighting Arthur attempting to tell a joke. This causes Arthur’s head and plans to change and he dances out to the spotlight. Arthur goes as the series starts. He awkwardly tells Murray a joke that he finds amusing because of its dark comedy though nobody else does. After being faced of the, Arthur proceeds by admitting into the subway murders. Murray and the audience gradually realize Arthur is severe. Arthur argues that the audience just cares for its sufferers because Thomas Wayne talked for them, but anyone else such as Arthur could be dismissed and walked . Murray and the audience develop angrier with Arthur, but so does he. “What do you get when you blend a mentally sick loner with a culture that abandons himand treats him like trash?!”” He asks, just for Murray to attempt shutting off him until calling for the authorities. The audience runs away in horror, and the news of this murder immediately hits the airwaves. Arthur then laughs for the first time in his lifetime. The Waynes leave a movie theater to locate the chaos in the streets. Thomas takes Martha (Carrie Louise Putrello) and Bruce in an alley, but one man follows him and informs Thomas he’s getting what he deserves utilizing the punchline that Arthur utilized on the Murray Franklin show. With that, he shoots Thomas and Martha dead in the front of Bruce. Meanwhile, Arthur has been arrested and has been taken by authorities. Arthur looks out the window and laughs as he sees the devastation he has caused. Only the clowns in an ambulance run in the car, killing the cops and freeing Arthur who’s hurt and unconscious. He dances for their cheering and pauses, discovering that his nose is bleeding. He spreads the bloodstream across his top lip and grins before standing , elevated like a god. A while later, Arthur is locked up in Arkham. He laughs after telling this story and visualizes a young Bruce standing along with his parents at the alley. Realizing that he has in a way, turned Bruce to himself, Arthur laughs a while, discovering this hilarious. He meets a new social worker (April Grace) and says that he wants to tell her a joke, however, she would not get it. A couple of minutes later, Arthur then steps from the space, leaving a trail of bloody footprints behind until he’s chased around by orderlies.

Original title Joker
IMDb Rating 8.6 593,708 votes
TMDb Rating 8.3 7,671 votes



Joaquin Phoenix isArthur Fleck / Joker
Arthur Fleck / Joker
Robert De Niro isMurray Franklin
Murray Franklin
Zazie Beetz isSophie Dumond
Sophie Dumond
Frances Conroy isPenny Fleck
Penny Fleck
Brett Cullen isThomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne
Shea Whigham isDetective Burke
Detective Burke
Bill Camp isDetective Garrity
Detective Garrity
Josh Pais isHoyt Vaughn
Hoyt Vaughn

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