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The Godfather

The Godfather

An offer you can't refuse.Mar. 14, 1972USA175 Min.R
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One of those guys who asks the Don for a favor would be Amerigo Bonasera, a prosperous mortician and acquaintance of the Don, whose daughter was brutally beaten by two young guys because she refused their advances; the guys obtained minimal punishment against the presiding judge. The Don is disappointed in Bonasera, who had avoided most contact with the Don because of Corleone’s nefarious business dealings. The Don’s wife is godmother to Bonasera’s shamed daughter, a relationship that the Don utilizes to extract new loyalty against the undertaker. The Don agrees to have his guys punish the young guys accountable (at a non-lethal manner) in exchange for prospective service if necessary. Meanwhile, the Don’s youngest son Michael (), a decorated US Marine hero coming from World War II service, arrives at the marriage and informs his girlfriend Kay Adams () anecdotes about his family, telling her about his father’s criminal existence; he reassures her that he differs from his family and does not plan to unite them within their criminal dealings. The wedding scene functions as critical exposition for the remainder of the movie, as Michael presents the main characters to Kay. Fredo (), Michael’s next older brother, is a little dim-witted and rather drunk by the time that he sees Michael at the party. Santino, who’s nicknamed Sonny (), the Don’s eldest child and second in line to become Don upon his father’s retirementis married but he’s a hot-tempered philanderer who sneaks into a sack to have sex with one of Connie’s bridesmaids, Lucy Mancini (). Tom Hagen isn’t related to the family by blood but is considered one of the Don’s sons because he was displaced when he befriended Sonny at the Little Italy area of Manhattan and the Don took him and saw into Tom’s upbringing and education. Presently a talented attorney, Tom has been dressed for the important place of consigliere (counselor) into the Don, regardless of his non-Sicilian heritage. Also among the guests at the celebration is the famous singer Johnny Fontane (), Corleone’s godson, that has come from Hollywood to request Vito’s aid in landing a movie role that will revitalize his flagging career. Jack Woltz (), the head of this studio, denies Fontane the part (a character similar to Johnny himself), that can make him an even bigger star, however Don Corleone explains to Johnny:””I am gonna make him an offer that he can’t deny.”” The Don also receives congratulatory salutations from Luca Brasi, a frightful enforcer from the criminal underworld, and matches a petition from the baker who made Connie’s wedding cake that wishes to become an American citizen. After the marriage, Hagen is dispatched to Los Angeles to meet with Woltz, however, Woltz angrily informs him that he won’t ever cast Fontane at the part. Woltz holds a grudge because Fontane seduced and””destroyed”” a starlet that Woltz had been dressing for stardom and whom he had a sexual relationship. Woltz is persuaded to give Johnny the job when he wakes up early the following morning and feels something wet in his mattress. He pulls back the sheets and finds himself in a pool of blood; he screams in terror when he finds the head of his precious horse, Khartoum, from the bed . (A deleted scene in the movie suggests that Luca Brasi (), Vito’s top””button man”” or hitman, is accountable.) He asks Don Corleone for financing as well as political and legal defense for preventing and distributing heroin. Regardless of the massive gain to be made, Vito Corleone refuses, explaining that his political sway could be jeopardized by a transfer into the narcotics trade — the judges and politicians he has allied himself with over the span of several decades will renounce their friendships if he had been to enter into the drug trade. The Don son, Sonny, that had earlier urged the family to input into the narcotics trade, breaks rank throughout the assembly and starts to question Sollozzo’s assurances as to the Corleone Family’s investment being guaranteed from the Tattaglia Family. His father, angry at Sonny’s dissension at a non-family penis’s existence, silences Sonny using a single appearance and privately rebukes him later. Throughout the assembly, whilst Brasi is bent to allow Bruno Tattaglia to light his cigarette, he’s stabbed in the hand by Sollozzo, and is garroted by an assassin. Shortly after his interview with Sollozzo, Don Corleone is gunned down in an assassination attempt only outside his workplace, and it isn’t immediately known if he has lived. Fredo Corleone had been assigned driving and security duty because of his father when Paulie Gatto, the Don’s usual bodyguard, had called in sick. When Sonny hears about the Don being taken and Paulie’s absence, he requests Clemenza () to locate Paulie and deliver him into the Don’s home. Sollozzo abducts Tom Hagen and persuades him to provide Sonny the deal formerly offered for his father. He angrily tells Tom to persuade Sonny to accept his deal. Enraged, Sonny won’t think about it and issues an ultimatum to the Tattaglias: flip over Sollozzo or face a protracted, bloody and expensive (for either side ) gang war. They deny, and instead send Sonny””a Sicilian message,”” in the shape of two new fish wrapped in Luca Brasi’s bullet-proof vest, telling the Corleones that Luca Brasi””sleeps with the fishes.”” Clemenza later takes Paulie and one of their family’s hitmen, Rocco Lampone, to get a push into Manhattan. Sonny wants to””go to the mattresses”” — put up beds in apartments for Corleone button guys to operate from in the event that the crime war breaks out. In their way back in Manhattan, Clemenza has Paulie stop the car in a remote area so he can urinate. Michael, whom another Mafia families believe a””civilian”” and not included in telescope company, visits his father at a small private hospital. He’s shocked to discover that no one is guarding him a nurse informs him that the guys interfered with hospital coverage and were advised to leave by the authorities about 10 minutes before Mike’s arrival. Realizing that his father is again being put up to be murdered, ” he calls Sonny to get assistance, moves his father to another area, and goes out to watch the entrance. Michael enlists assistance from Enzo that the baker (), that has arrived at the hospital to pay his respects. They knock away Sollozzo’s guys as they drive . Police cars shortly appear bringing the corrupt Captain McCluskey (), who brutally punches Michael in the sidewalk and breaks his jaw when Michael insinuates that Sollozzo paid McCluskey to put his father. Just afterward, Hagen arrives with””private detectives”” licensed to carry firearms to protect Don Corleone, and he takes the wounded Michael home. Sonny reacts by having Bruno Tattaglia (), the eldest son and underboss of Don Phillip Tattaglia (), murdered (off-camera). After the attempt on the Don’s life at the hospital, Sollozzo asks a meeting with all the Corleones, which Captain McCluskey will attend as Sollozzo’s bodyguard. When Michael volunteers to kill both men throughout the interview, Sonny and another mature Family members are amused; nonetheless, Michael convinces them that he’s acute and that killing Sollozzo and McCluskey is at the family’s curiosity:””It is not personal. It is strictly business.”” Because Michael is regarded as a civilian, he will not be regarded as a questionable ambassador for the Corleones. Although police officers are usually off limits for strikes, Michael argues that because McCluskey is tainted and has illegal dealings with Sollozzo, he’s fair game. Michael also suggests that newspaper reporters that the Corleones have in their payroll would delight in releasing stories about a corrupt police captain. Michael matches with Clemenza, one of his own father’s caporegimes (captains), that prepares a small pistol for himcovering the grip and grip with tape to protect against any fingerprint proof. He educates Michael about the appropriate way to execute the assassination and tells him to leave behind. He also informs Michael that the family were all very proud of Michael for getting a war hero throughout his service in the Marines. Clemenza reveals great confidence that Michael can execute the task and tells him it will all go. The plan would be to have the Corleone’s informers find the location of this assembly and plant the revolver before Michael, Sollozzo and McCluskey arrive. Ahead of the assembly at a small Italian restaurant, McCluskey frisks Michael for weapons and locates him clean. Returning to the table, he fatally shoots Sollozzo McCluskey. Michael is delivered to hide in Sicily while the Corleone family prepares for all-out warfare with all the Five Families (who are united against the Corleones) as well as a general clampdown on the telescope from the police and government authorities. If the don returns home from the hospital, he’s distraught to learn that it was Michael who murdered Sollozzo and McCluskey. They argue publicly over Carlo’s suspected adultery and his behavior toward Connie. From Italian tradition, no one, not a high-ranking Mafia don, can intervene at a married couple’s personal disputes, even though they include adultery, money, or domestic abuse. One day, Sonny sees a bruise on Connie’s face and she informs him that Carlo struck her after she asked him when he was having an affair. Sonny tracks down and badly beats Carlo at the center of a crowded road for brutalizing the pregnant Connie, and threatens to kill Carlo when he abuses Connie again. An angry Carlo reacts by interfering with Tattaglia and Don Emilio Barzini (), the Corleones’ chief rivals, to have Sonny murdered. Later, Carlo has one of the mistresses phone his residence, understanding that Connie will answer. The woman asks Connie to inform Carlo to not meet her tonight. The exact pregnant and distraught Connie throws a tantrum, throwing the plates using their dinner around the kitchen and breaking everything at the dining; he takes advantage of their altercation to beat Connie so as to lure Sonny out at the open and away in the Corleone chemical. When Connie phones the chemical to tell Sonny that Carlo has beaten her again, the enraged Sonny pushes off (alone and unescorted) to meet his threat against Carlo. On the way to Connie and Carlo’s home, Sonny is ambushed at a toll booth on the Long Island Causeway and taken to death by several carloads of hitmen wielding Thompson sub-machine firearms. Not only is that the battle draining all their assets and threatening their survival, but finishing it’s the way that Michael can return home safely. Reversing his choice, Vito agrees that the Corleone family will offer political protection to Tattaglia’s traffic in heroin, as long as it’s controlled and not offered to kids. At the assembly, Don Corleone deduces that Don Barzini, maybe not Tattaglia, was ultimately supporting the start of the mob war and Sonny’s death, even though showing early signs of senility. Back in Sicily, Michael patiently waits out his exile, shielded by Don Tommasino (), an old family friend. They court and marry in the traditional Sicilian fashion, but Michael’s existence becomes known to Corleone enemies. As the couple is about to be transferred to a safer location, Apollonia is murdered as a result of a rigged car (originally planned for Michael) bursting on ignition; Michael, that saw the car explodes, places Fabrizio hurriedly leaving the reasons moments before the explosion, implicating him in the assassination plot. (At a deleted scene, Fabrizio can be found years later and murdered ) Together with his safety guaranteed, Michael returns home. More than a year later, in 1950, he reunites with his girlfriend Kay after a total of four years of separation three in Italy and one in America. He tells her he wants them to become married. Together with Don Vito semi-retired, Sonny dead, and brother Fredo considered incapable of running the family business, Michael is in charge; he also claims Kay he can make the family business legitimate in five years. A couple of years later, Clemenza and Salvatore Tessio (), complain that they are being pushed around by the Barzini Family and ask permission to attack back, however, Michael resisted the petition. Michael further guarantees Connie’s husband, Carlo, that he’ll be his right hand man in Nevada (Carlo had grown up there), unaware of his part in Sonny’s assassination. Tom Hagen has been eliminated as consigliere and is currently the family’s lawyer, together with Vito serving as consigliere. Another year or so later, Michael travels to Las Vegas and matches with Moe Greene (), a wealthy and shrewd casino supervisor seeking to expand his own business dealings. After the Don’s attempted assassination, Fredo had already been delivered to Las Vegas to learn about the casino industry. Michael arrogantly provides to purchase Greene out but is rebuffed. Afterward, Michael warns Fredo never to again””take sides with anyone against the family.”” Vito also reveals that he had never really planned a lifetime of crime for Michael, trusting that his son would maintain legitimate power as a senator or governor. A few months later, Vito collapses and dies while playing with his young grandson Anthony () within his tomato garden. At the burial, Tessio conveys a proposal for a meeting using Barzini, which explains Tessio as the traitor that Vito was anticipating. Kay asks Michael if he will agree to become godfather to Connie and Carlo’s newborn son. Michael agrees and seizes the chance to eliminate competition in another five families while also employing the baptism as an alibi. The murders occur simultaneously throughout the service:Don Stracci () is gunned down along with his bodyguard at a hotel elevator with a shotgun-wielding Clemenza. Moe Greene is murdered while having a massage, taken through the eye with an unknown assassin. Don Barzini is murdered on the steps of his office building along with his bodyguard and driver, shot by Al Neri (), concealed in his old police uniform. After the baptism, Tessio considers that he and Hagen are in their way into the assembly between Michael and Barzini that he has arranged. Instead, he’s surrounded by Willi Cicci and other button guys as Hagen steps away. Realizing that Michael has discovered his betrayal, Tessio informs Hagen that he always admired Michael, and that his disloyalty””was just organization.”” He asks if Tom can get off him for””old times’ sake,”” but Tom says that he cannot. Tessio is driven away and never seen again (it is suggested that Cicci shoots and kills Tessio together with his own gun after he disarms him before entering the car). Meanwhile, Michael faces Carlo about Sonny’s murder and compels him to admit his role in preparing the ambush, having been approached by Barzini himself. (The hitmen who murdered Sonny were the core members of Barzini’s personal bodyguard.) Michael assures Carlo that he won’t be murdered, but his punishment remains exception from all family enterprise. He hands Carlo a plane ticket into exile at Las Vegas. When Carlo gets into a car headed for the airport, he’s immediately garroted to death by Clemenza, on Michael’s orders. Later, a hysterical Connie faces Michael at the Corleone chemical as movers carry away the furniture in preparation for your family move to Nevada. She accuses him of killing Carlo at retribution for Carlo’s brutal treatment of her and also for Carlo’s suspected participation in Sonny’s murder. After Connie is taken out of the home, Kay queries Michael about Connie’s accusation, but he won’t answer, reminding her never to ask him about his organization or what he does for a living. She says, and Michael blatant lies, reassuring his spouse that he played no part in Carlo’s death. Kay considers him and is alleviated. As Kay watches, the office is shut.

The Godfather
The Godfather
The Godfather
The Godfather
The Godfather
The Godfather
The Godfather
The Godfather
The Godfather
The Godfather
Original title The Godfather
IMDb Rating 9.2 1,505,543 votes
TMDb Rating 8.6 11,342 votes



Marlon Brando isDon Vito Corleone
Don Vito Corleone
Al Pacino isMichael Corleone
Michael Corleone
James Caan isSantino 'Sonny' Corleone
Santino 'Sonny' Corleone
Robert Duvall isTom Hagen
Tom Hagen
Sterling Hayden isCapt. Mark McCluskey
Capt. Mark McCluskey
John Marley isJack Woltz
Jack Woltz
Richard Conte isEmilio Barzini
Emilio Barzini
Al Lettieri isVirgil 'Der Türke' Sollozzo
Virgil 'Der Türke' Sollozzo
Diane Keaton isKay Adams
Kay Adams

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